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Amna Ali Syed

(Academic Coordinator & Planer - PKGS)

I always want to be a "good" writer if that means I can reach my audience and articulate my ideas clearly, Ms Amna Ali Syed told us. My parents and teachers told me early on that I was "great with language" and that my writing style was "good", but I don't recall receiving solid instructions to craft a well-written paper, although I had begun to gain a better understanding of essay structure, mostly through trial and error. Through this practice, I actually learned about structure, coherence, and development. I realized that I had already been applying these concepts to my writing, but becoming consciously aware of them greatly increased my skills and my confidence.

Ms Amna's confidence reflects in her Grammar Grid series published by Turnkey Publishers. Ms Amna Syed has always secured extra ordinary positions in her academic journey. Her habits derived reading & reading books. Although she is attached to English literature society but she has proven good mathematician as well and has completed CA with European well known organisation.