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Sir Haider Ali is an Independent Director/CEO. He is one of Pakistan's well known educationist and strategy scholars. He holds many honorary chairs as TKP Managing Director, Chairman SMS Karachi, Assistant District Scout Commissioner PBSA and Corporate Governance of different educational organizations. He believes in equality in education to everyone. Sir Haider is a visionary planner and a strategist, self motivated with superb presentation skills. He has effective networking skills in customer excellence along with creative and critical thinking abilities, knowledge about latest trends in order to formulate strategies. Excellent leadership skills to support & promote education in Sindh region especially for middle class generation. Sir Haider has kind nature with great humanity.

His passion is to help his community routinely achieve "the impossible" - to materialize, business benefits that are beyond their current thinking and capability. PKGS challenge people's assumptions and mind-sets, dismantling any barriers to success, to give access to previously unobtainable results.