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Seemi Abbas


Seemi Abbas, born in Pakistan, has extensive international exposure, she received her early education from Rydal School, Wales, United Kingdom. With a sound base of British schooling, she returned to Pakistan to pursue her further education. She received her B.Sc. (Hons) and M.Sc. from Karachi University in 1987.

Seemi, is a highly qualified and very experience preschool consultant. After her graduation, she acquired a post graduate diploma in "Montessori Methods" from England in 1990. Equipped with the skills she gained, she ventured into her teaching career at, "Gate House School, London".

With the diploma and her new found experience she returned to Pakistan; and founded "Montessori Children's Palace" a nursery school to address the education needs of Karachi.

After insight into the management side of Pakistan's Montessori schooling she realized the need for professionally trained Montessori staff. She established "Montessori training Institute" in Karachi, to cater for the increasing demand of properly trained Montessori directresses. Her over 20 years of commitment to education is highly commendable.